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Wall Mounted Intake Hood

Galvanized Steel Construction

Unit Intake
20WH61 1/23430821x2120 1/2 x20 1/2
24WH61 1/24442825x2524 1/2 x24 1/2
30WH8248421231x3130 1/2 x30 1/2
36WH102 3/460421637x3736 1/2 x36 1/2
42WH12060421643x4242 1/2 x42 1/2
48WH164 1/260421649x4948 1/2 x48 1/2
54WH21660421655x5554 1/2 x54 1/2
60WH24066421661x6160 1/2 x60 1/2
72WH24080721673x7372 1/2 x72 1/2

  1. Wall bracket designed to support hood length and provide flange to wall with true rigid surface
  2. Hood front panel designed for rigidity. Fabricated from 14 guage galvanized steel
  3. Hood top panels with standing seams. Fabricated from 20 guage galvanized steel
  4. Formed sheet metal frame on four sides to provide rigidity and secure birdscreen
  5. Birdscreen designed for efficient airflow. Fabricated from galvanized wire mesh
  6. Optional filter rack with birdscreen and 2" disposable filters (JSAM and JSNM-X models only)

All dimensions are in inches. Dimensions subject to change without notice.