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Make-up air

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Make-up Air Equipment

Multi-Jet Jetstream Unheated Make-up Air Units are available with 100% outside air or recirculation/mixing capability. The MUA units are available in nine airflow capacities ranging from 6,000 CFM to 80,000 CFM.

The Jetstream equipment can be used for the following applications:

  • make-up air - eliminate/minimize negative air
  • general ventilation - improve indoor air quality and employee comfort
  • evaporative cooling - lower indoor temperatures and improve employee productivity
  • heat recovery - recover, temper and recirculate heated air to supplement conventional heating equipment
  • Substantial energy savings can be achieved through the utilization of surplus and waste heat; the reduction in the amount of heated make-up air; and the reduction in general exhaust requirements.

    For product specifications on the Jetstream Series Models, click here.

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    Sample Installations:

    Indianapolis, IN
    Heat Recovery/Air Recirculation System
    36"x100' Fabric Duct
    18,000 System CFM